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ShopRunner Browser Extension Conditions of Use

We want you to feel comfortable with ShopRunner, the ShopRunner Browser Extension, and how we use data to enhance your experience.

Please review the ShopRunner Browser Extension Conditions of Use, below, along with the ShopRunner Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, (collectively, the “Agreement”), prior to installing the ShopRunner Browser Extension. By installing, activating, using or accessing the ShopRunner Browser Extension, you accept and agree to be bound by the Agreement. If you do not wish to be bound by the Agreement, do not install, activate, use or otherwise access the ShopRunner Browser Extension. Also note that you may turn off the ShopRunner Browser Extension and any data collection by the ShopRunner Browser Extension at any time by uninstalling ShopRunner Browser Extension - easy!

The ShopRunner Browser Extension. How it works!

The ShopRunner Browser Extension is built to enhance your online shopping experience. The ShopRunner Browser Extension alerts you when the item you’re shopping for is available with free 2-day shipping and free returns at a ShopRunner partner. We’ll also alert you if we have similar items that you might love within the ShopRunner network.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the ShopRunner extension, so please email to let us know what you love or would rather see!

The information we collect and how we use it.
We want you to feel comfortable with how the ShopRunner Browser Extension works!

Member Information
If you are a ShopRunner member and are signed into your ShopRunner account, the ShopRunner Browser Extension will also have access to (i) information you have previously provided to ShopRunner and (ii) information we have collected through your ShopRunner membership activity, including purchase history and your profile information. For information about your broader ShopRunner relationship, please refer back to ShopRunner Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Passive Information
A couple of things: (i) we don’t capture personal information through the ShopRunner Browser Extension that you have not authorized us to use as a ShopRunner Member (based on Terms of Service) and (ii) we, under no circumstances, will sell this information to any third-parties! We only collect product details necessary to offer you savings, opportunities to get free 2-day shipping and free returns, and to make product recommendations. This information includes items such as product name, product URL, image URL, product gender, brand, and price. The ShopRunner Browser Extension also captures and stores a limited set of URLs from the websites you view even when you are not interacting with the ShopRunner Browser Extension. This data is used (i) in aggregate, to better understand our users to improve the ShopRunner Browser Extension experience and broader ShopRunner platform and (ii) to better understand you, the ShopRunner Browser Extension user, to ensure that we are continuing to show you items that align with what you love!

Changes to the ShopRunner Browser Extension and the Agreement
ShopRunner reserves the right to make modification to this Agreement or the ShopRunner Browser Extension from time to time. Any changes to the ShopRunner Browser Extension will be done automatically. If we do make any changes to the Agreement, the terms will be updated on our site and on the respective ShopRunner Browser Extension Store pages.