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Just in Time for Daylight Savings, ShopRunner Uncovers the Cities with the Most (and Least) Late-Night Shoppers

Oct 27, 2016

San Mateo, CA, October 27, 2016 – When clocks fall back on November 6, how exactly will Americans put that extra middle-of-the-night hour to use? A new analysis suggests many will spend it shopping online.

ShopRunner, the online shopping tool that offers its members complimentary shipping and returns, ranked U.S. metro areas according to the number of residents that have made online purchases between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. in the last year.

Nearly 37 percent of ShopRunner members in Detroit have shopped online overnight, besting the national average of 29 percent and making it the city with the most middle-of-the-night shoppers.

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh followed closely behind Detroit in the ranking, both with rates at about 34 percent.

Metro areas on the West Coast tend to do the least online shopping overnight. Just 11 percent of ShopRunner’s Denver members have made purchases in the wee hours of the morning, the lowest percent of any city in the study. Sacramento, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Diego round out the list of cities with fewest ?insomniac? shoppers.

?With clocks falling back, we started to wonder if people might be using that extra hour for something other than sleeping,? said Angela Song, Chief Marketing Officer of ShopRunner. ?The analysis paints a pretty clear picture that the eastern part of the U.S. is more likely to spend that extra time shopping.?

What exactly are all these night owl shoppers buying? Late-night shoppers tend to purchase essentials for themselves and their children, perhaps because they?re busy working people who don?t have time during the day, while daytime shoppers are more likely to buy discretionary goods for their homes and families.

Nighttime sales of beauty products outpace daytime sales by the biggest margin of any category. Kids clothing is also a popular nighttime category. Health care and - ahem - sexual wellness products are in the top five, too.

The shopping categories most skewed toward daytime shopping? Flower gifts, followed by toys and items for schools and offices. Those shopping during the day have some more time to focus on buying ?nice to haves? for their home and loved ones.


City Percent Insomniac Shoppers
Detroit 37%
Philadelphia 34%
Pittsburgh 34%
Miami 33%
Houston 33%
New York 33%
Orlando 33%
Cleveland 33%
Raleigh-Durham 32%
Baltimore 32%


City Percent Insomniac Shoppers
Denver 11%
Sacramento 16%
Phoenix 18%
Seattle 18%
Los Angeles 20%
San Diego 20%

Health care
Girls clothing
Sexual wellness
Boys clothing

Flower gifts
Dolls & stuffed animals
School & office
Outdoor Play


ShopRunner is an online tool that helps its members save both time and money. ShopRunner members receive unlimited complimentary two-day shipping and free return shipping on every purchase made with ShopRunner at more than 140 online stores including clothing, shoes, beauty, electronics, home and gifts. Retailers include Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor, American Eagle, Tory Burch, Calvin Klein, Kate Spade and more.