COVID-19 Update: Shipping time may exceed 2 days. We'll send an email when your order ships. Full Response & FAQ

ShopRunner's COVID-19 Response

Letter from the CEO of ShopRunner

Like all of you, we have attempted to adjust to the new challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, balancing the interests of our members, our retail partners, our employees, and the communities in which we live.

As you can imagine, the retail store closures now taking place in cities across the country combined with the quarantines and lockdowns preventing employees from getting to work in distribution and fulfillment centers have had a dramatic impact on the operations of many of our partners and the lives of the people who work there.

To help support our retail partners through these challenging times, we ask that our members understand that orders may take longer to process and that shipping times may exceed our normal two days in certain circumstances. We will do our best to provide order confirmation emails and status updates so our members can track their orders.

As good corporate citizens, we have taken proactive initiatives to help protect and support our communities. We took the lead among Chicago companies to shut our offices (you can read the Crain's article here), reducing density on the roads and public transportation systems to benefit the health and safety of those retail workers and first responders who don't have the choice of working remotely. We have also made donations to support local hospitals and food depositories.

We understand that this pandemic has affected everyone in some way and that everyone's health and safety takes top priority. Throughout these times, we will support our members and retailers by offering seamless online shopping experiences and always-free shipping. We thank our members for your patience and understanding and look forward to returning back to normal.

More than anything, please stay safe and healthy.

Very best,

Sam Yagan

Sam Yagan
Chief Executive Officer


Q: Will my shipment be delayed?
A: Orders may take longer to process and in some circumstances shipping times may exceed our normal two days. We will do our best to provide order confirmation emails and status updates so that you can track your order and know when to expect it.
Q: I need to change my shipping address.
A: ShopRunner is unable to update the shipping address for an order. However, since each retailer handles the order process, they may be able to provide further assistance if contacted directly.

You may also be able to create an account with the courier to be able to make a change after the item has shipped. Please note that couriers are also adjusting their policies to remove most signature requirements upon delivery during this time.
Q: Will the timeframe for return shipments be extended?
A: While ShopRunner can provide a free return label, the store's return policy is the final say in whether or not they'll accept an order. To confirm whether they are offering extensions during this time, you may want to contact the store directly.
Q: When will I receive my refund?
A: Whenever you return an item, the refund is processed by the store, and can sometimes take up to 10 business days to be reflected on your card statement. Please understand that distribution and fulfillment centers may be staffed differently during this time due to quarantines and lockdowns across the country, so some delays are expected.